Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Reflection 2015

How do you feel about this year? Happy and Sad because because year had made this year pretty and it my last year at Pt England school. So the year are going to leave next because we have moved on to college which is going to be really difficult there.

What did you find especially satisfying this year? Pretty awesome because last year the year 7 didn’t go in many trip like this we get to go Polyfest, Camp, Rainbows end and Parakai pools

What did you find especially frustrating/difficult this year? The test because it getting more difficult for me to complete.

If you were going to grade yourself out of 10/10 for being awesome... what would you grade yourself? Why?
5 because I was negative in and out of class and my goal for next year is to try to be more positive to my friends and listen to the teacher.

In what ways did you contribute to team 5 in 2015?
I joined kapa haka because I love performing in front of audience. Miss Tito is the person who lead our kapas so she is leaving us to another place so our kapa is planning to have a share lunch for her to show her how much we care for her.

What would you change yourself for to 2016? Be more positive and make new friend and attend sports to be fit and healthy.

What things you might need help with? Need help with my writing skills

What could you show your teacher from your blog to help her/him understand those things?
Add punctuation and be more specific.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

There, They're and Their

There, They’re & Their
Complete the sentences by using one of the words there, they're or their.

My cousins are watching their favourite TV show.
Will we get there before eight o’clock?
I love my school but I wouldn’t want to live there . Nicholas and Mark told me that their coming over.
Chris and Tina are studying for their math test.
Their is no excuse for getting your clothes dirty.
They took their dog, Sam, to the beach.
They’re so happy that the term is almost over.
My sister and her friend think that their dance is best.
If you find them, tell them they’re late.
I or Me
Complete the sentences by using either ‘I’ or ‘me’
in the gaps

Sione and I will be going to Tonga in the holidays.
You and I need to go shopping later on.
The teacher asked Sue and me to tidy the classroom.
My mum and dad care for my brothers and me.
Robyn, Cheryl and me are going out for a coffee.
Ethan and me own a horse.
The dogs were barking loudly at Anna and I.
Jesse and me would like to get a new laptop.

The voice in the park

Here a link to Voices in the Park

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Google Expedition

Guess what? Team 5 had Google Expedition........I know yous guys have know idea what Google expedition. Google expedition is an cardboard it has glasses stick to it rounded curve fit in your head in.
Once your eyes enter the Google cardboard this might be hard to believe but watch you'll will see will be realistic and awesome it is really amazing.

So these are the place we went, we went to Dubai, Rome, the rain forest and even space. After all those travelling in my mind made me really hungry and wanting to go outside and play so after those exploring it was lunchtime and I can't stop thinking about me in space and looking at the pretty star I hope that google expedition will come to TC next year


As the year 8 girls and I was walking to our session of sport and it was sprinting one of my least favorite thing to do. So we were told by Mr Burt to go in 6 row of 4
so it can be even to race with so some of the girls in front of me was ready to go I saw them stretching and their toes was squeezing the dirt from the bottom of their feet .

So Mr Burt was ready to clap the two blocks together “IN YOUR MARKS GET SET GO!!”

The girls ran as fast as they ran 100 meters away from us. Next it was our line I was really nervous I had butterfly in my stomach so Mr burt was ready to clap the block I was really nervous “Go’’ shouted Mr Burt I ran as fast as I can and nearly everyone ran in front of me except for Hannah me and Hannah was running together and we came last I was really proud of myself because made the most of it.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Amazing race

        The Amazing

Yesterday after morning tea team 5 had this fun time session which is called Amazing race but it wasn't actually a race the teacher planned this for us just to let team 5 have fun. So our teachers put us in groups and I’m in Team 1 B 2. All the groups was given a card which had our group name on it, It had a list of activities and groups name and  the activities was peas, fear factor, photo booth and cookie face.

First we went to fear factor which is in the the breeze so my group and I entered the breeze and walked and saw three desk set up with three bowls, and the three bowls had something disgusting in it. So we sat down in a line and listen to Miss Peoto instructions, then she said “first row in line go” I saw Ebony walking towards the desk with the spaghetti mixed with fruit salad and she was the first one to go and eat spaghetti mixed with fruit salad we had to eat 3 spoons of spaghetti mixed with fruit salad so Miss Peoto said go and Ebony grab the spoon off the table and ate three spoons of the disgusting food  and finish and the next person has to go and it was Leila, so we cheered for her and forced her to hurry. I saw Ebony face and she didn’t look well and she hasn't swallowed her food her eye was watery and swallowed her slowly and went of to the toilet.

When everyone else had their I was really nervous of eating spaghetti mixed with fruit salad because it might taste yuck so I looked in the bowl and saw a lot of spaghetti and fruit so I put the spoon in my mouth and it taste sweet and yucky and felt a bit sick so I finished the race and moved to the next activity which it was brain buster.

So as we enter our classroom door and saw Miss Foamatu sitting on a chair with papers on her hand I was really nervous cause we might not get the answer right so we were given 5 peice of paper and had some question on it. When we sat down on our chair we looked the question one was easy but the rest was hard we try to figure out what the answer is but we keep getting them wrong, then it was time up it was pretty tough so we gave our card to Miss Foamatu and she gave use 50 point for working as a team.

Next we went to photo booth we sat down in the street and saw Miss Telea sitting down on the bench and the bench had 3 Ipad and the rest of the bench was some silly costume. So we had 4 choices of costume it was the tutus, boxing, silly hats, and random clothes so we chose the tutus. After dressing up with silly clothes our pose was a smile, a serious face, Funny face and a creative photo. After doing all those pose we were given 50 points for doing funny poses.

Lastly is was cookie face which is at the tux shop and the goal was to place the cookie on your forehead and try to get the cookie in your mouth, so I tryed but it didn’t work.

My favorite one was photobooth and my least is fear factor, because fear factor was not cool but photo booth was.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Immersion Assembly

It was the first day of term 4 and we had immersion assembly today it was really great and awesome. We had our immersion assemble in the hall so people can have more space around them to fit in and see on what we are learning this term. I felt really excited when I walked and I felt like to jump and down but our goal for team 5 was to be normal, so when I walked in the hall I saw a lot of kids with a smile on their and I bet that they were really excited to their teacher tell them what they learning about. When I sat down I looked up and saw the word “Survivors” and I assume to myself that we are going to learn about survival so Mr Burt who is our principle stated talking about survivor and I was right that we are going to learn about survivors.  When he finished talking he made and movie about a Fiapoto bird in Pt Dingaling that movie was pretty funny.

Then it was team 1 turn to show on what they are learning about so Miss George stood and walked to the front and talked about team 1 are going to the zoo and there was this competition it was a karaoke and 15 kids showed up on the stage and sang roar it pretty cool and funny because the big screen showed little toddler mucking around with the animals behind the glass.
Next up it was team 2 and Miss Nalder turned up and told us that team 2 are learning about dinosaurs. After that it was team 3 they a learning about dinosaur too but different they are creating  their own dinosaurs.

Next up it was team 4 I was so excited for team 5 to come to go next and see what we are learning about too that compare to our topic survivors so team 4 was up next and they are learning about animals survivor their topic was really it like they were going on a trip for a safari. Finally it was team and we are learning about islanders and I think it was pretty cool on what we are learning about.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Doing something for the first time

When I 11 year old my dad use to tell me stories about him singing in church and always tell my dad if I can sing in church and he said no because he said that I can't sing but I said I can sing. So I went to my room and turn on the TV and insert the USB in the TV and turn on the karaoke and I sang "AVE MARIA" by Beyonce.

Suddenly my dad sneak into my room and grab his guitar and turn off the TV and start to strum he was playing I'm yours and he start sing and I sang with him and he said "you are going to sing in church''

'YES" I said to my self. On Sunday I was really nervous, I quickly put on my makeup and go to church I saw my family and they smiled to me and I smiled back. I picked up the microphone and my dad help sing and felt really nervous I sang my loudest and everyone stood up and clap and I cry.

How I felt from all that singing joy and happiness.

Monday, 21 September 2015

How to design a personal logo?

This video will show you how to design a logo. A logo is a symbol or other a small design of a graphic. This movie tell you step by step of creating your own logo. So I hope you enjoy my movie and leave some feedback.

Friday, 18 September 2015


How to design a logo?

Do you want to know how to design your own logo? Well maybe today would be a good day to start creating your own logo.

To design a logo grab a piece of paper and a pencil and start brainstorming. After coming up with 4 or 5 ideas start drawing your 4 to 5 concept thumbnail a thumbnail concept is drawing your ideas the size of your thumb..

After finishing on 4 - 5 concept thumbnail start going on a computer and draw a bigger size of you final two drawing.

Next you print out your logo out in a png image then go around and ask people who are around you and tell them what things needs to be change or tell them if your logo will impress people.

A logo is something that present yourself how it’s presented is your favorite thing and joining your favorite things in one pitcher. It can be use for your club, your shop, your car or your shoe.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Cross Country

Last week on Monday it was our cross country running, I was really nervous when it was the year 8 boys turn to run. So I assume to myself that should I look at them run so they can give me tips CLAP as I heard Mr burt clap the thingy ma jig I saw them running and some the boy when they were running they had flat chest shoulders back and their arms were in a 90 degrees angles so I used those tips to run.

I felt weak because it was the year 8 girls turn to run. So the girl walked up the line and I was dancing to warm up and my toes was crushing the squishy dirt between my toe and I talked to myself ‘’ I can do this I believe in me’’

CLAP” I saw everyone sprinting their hardest and even me I sprint my hardest and I looked at the girl in front of me I saw mud coming of their feet and I heard cheering from the year 6 section.
After doing my 1 lap I stopped because I was really tired I placed my hand on chest and felt bumping I felt all my breath escaping out of my mouth so II saw Ramonadel at the back of me saying “go Gloria you can do this don’t stop”

Then I saw catching up to me so I told her that should we run together and she said yes, I saw slippery mud and i slipped and did the mudslide on my knee and heard laughter coming from a teacher voice and it was Miss Peoto.

She was cheering and laughing at us so jogged the whole way and laugh the whole because I slipped. and me and Ramona del came last as we past the finish line I saw everyone looking at us and one of them laugh but it was alright. After all that running I went to the bathroom and saw my face sweating and it was really red and that tells me that I tried my best at running.

Lastly I had a big drink bottle in my bag and drink a lot and saw everyone in class getting ready for home. “Hi Gloria you did great in running” said Miss Peoto

“Thank you Miss Peoto” said I. So what I experience from all that running was It can be really hard at running for 3 km and I tried my best at not to come last.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Cyber Smart - Mobile Phone

Yesterday in the morning we had a visitor from tamaki primary and it is Miss Kyla
she taught us about being cyber smart with or mobile phone.
So here are some tip for how to be cyber smart with your cyber smart.

Friday, 4 September 2015

What I have learnt in class?

For  Writing we had a visitor who worked a Tamaki Primary her name is Miss Kyla she taught us a lot of things about being a Smart footprint and what does Smart footprint means online. So Miss Kyla taught us about google and what I learned from google is we can search for anything on google. So Miss Kyla said google is dum and the reason why it dum because when you search for for information that you want doesn't give you the right information at all. To get more information is to be more specific with your words and more positive so I try to to find information where can I get ticket to go to the movie to watch ant man in Silvia park and once I press enter on my keyboard it didn't give me more advice where I can get my ticket in Silvia Park. So Miss Kyla shared a presentation to search for information efficiently using key words.

For Maths Mr Wiseman taught how to use ratio so what I learned about ratio was ratio can be use in word problem and pitcher. So Mr Wiseman shared a presentation about ratio it was pretty easy so he taught us how to solve it. So what I like about ratio is that it not that hard and it was pretty easy.

For Inquiry room 1 did this countdown challenge so it pretty much talks about going online and go on countdown shopping and list of groceries item to meet the needs of 4 people in on family within that budget . So partner which is Korobeau and Isaiah and we pretty mush work as a good team.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Reading Progress

I  am at green now so
my goal is to get to purple to do that is to stop talking to my friends stop fiddling around. Another way to get to purple is to work on my work for 20 minute at home and start doing my other work.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Explanation Word Ploision

Our task was to learn about explanation and learn what explanation means. What my reading group had to do is explain what a pitcher is doing and describe what an explanation can be use for and are they like and find word family for the word "Explanation".

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Happy Birthday Papa

Yesterday it was special person birthday it was my papa birthday and he was at Samoa so I decided to see him on Skype give him speech so I made up one in Samoan and here is my speeches.

I would just like to the only dads that promoted is you papa.
Oute avea lenei taimi oute faamanuia atu ai le aso soi fua osi ou tama pele i lou loto o “Tunai Ioane Teloma” Papa ia o le fiafiaga o matou loto mo matou agaga ua mafai ai e oe le Tama ona e aulia mai ai nei tausaga e tele mo oe Papa matou te tatalo pea i le Atua ia tau mamao ese mai mai ia te oe.matou te tatalo foi i le Atua ia foai le malosi ma toe faaupopo nisi aso se tele o lou soifua aua le tausia osi tatou aiga ae le gata i lea o lou feagai ai ma mea fai o le nuu male lotu e ui lava na toese le Tina e pele i matou loto ae le galo pea oulua i lua galuega lelei sa lua faia moi matou le fanau faafetai mo mea uma sa e faia mo mo au Dad oute alofa tele mo oe o faamanuiaga ia mai ia Tunai Sipou Teloma .Failuga.PJ.Ioane.Gauula.Sulieti. Masi lou aiga o Teloma Family. So I love you papa I wish you all the best in the whole world I know nana will be happy for you and I know that those people who are with will spoil you I hope you enjoy your birthday

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Smart Footprint T3W2

My literacy class has been leaning about private and public information. We had to design a infographic that 
helps more people to learn what information they should keep private and what information is OK to go public on their blog. 

So remember to consider two times before sharing advice about yourself online.
Be satisfied about your blog and be careful on what you publish.

Monday, 27 July 2015


How I receive and spend money?

I barely receive money on my birthday and Christmas. What I usually do with my money is give half to my dad so he can buy his lunch for work and the other half I will save it and wait for Christmas to come. There are many ways to receive money like for example you can get from work, doing chores, getting it from special occasion.

When people get money some people usually spend it, share it or save but for me I save until I get to 100 dollars sometimes I always spend it on a new update my phone or tablet. Once people receive money they spend it but it will be alright if they are good needed stuff like food for family or making right choice on what to buy or using your wisely one what your buying and buy stuff that on special.

So how I receive money is doing my mom chores while she looks after my baby sister and I usually get 20 dollars on each chores and I receive 200 dollars every Christmas from my uncle he is very rich down in wellington so that pretty much how I receive money.
What I like about how I receive money or spend is good cause sometime I save my money for my future or get a new update for my phone.


Our task was to figure out what was the company trying to designing it for. So I think that they did it for people who can dance or people who can skate. So I suggest that they were doing it for designing a t - shirt.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Birthday Suprise

During the holiday me and my brother was really sad because nobody in our family did not remember our birthday so my mum came up to me and said "baby girl your dad is going to drop you and your brother off at Silvia park and you can buy anything you want and don't forget your wallet it in the second living room"  but I had a feeling that something is going on so I said "what going on mom" and mum look at surprisingly and said "nothing dear".

So my dad drop me and Pj at Silvia park and dad dropped up us 50 dollars to watch terminators so Pj and I walked all the way to hoyts and saw few of my friends so I greet them to my brother went of to see the movie so I bought 2 tickets and bought a lot of food to eat during the movie. When I went inside the movie I sat down on my chair and look at the big screen for like 20 second then it scared me with loud trailer so my brother laugh at me.

When the movie finished I currently rushed to buy some clothes, shoe and stationary and my brother went to buy some clothes and shoe so we met at the car park to if my dad was coming so he showed and said "get in the car kids me and your mom got a surprise for you" so we went inside the car and I looked outside of my window while Pj talk about our day at Silvia park and I saw the sky and it was getting dark so we arrive to our sweet home and the light were off in our house so decided to open the slowly and went to the kitchen "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" my heart was pumping so loud and my hands were gathered together and I was really happy at my family that they would celebrate me and my brothers.

Then I look at the cake and it was big and yummy so I looked at my parent and I ran to them and hugged, when Pj and I finished blowing our candles we were really happy. So I opened a few present and save the other for the next day.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Matariki Light Trail

In the Holiday I went to my cousin house at night to go see the concert to see the Matariki light trail. So I saw them going outside to go to Matariki so knee down and begged if I I can go so I went walking with my brother, cousin, my aunt and uncle, when we were walking to the park I heard some lots of noises there and colorful light shining on my face.

But when we were at the park I saw heaps of light shining everywhere and I said … WOZES. Then I saw Adriel and she came with me walking around the light and it was so cool.

Suddenly me and my brother was on the swing, AHHH!! I scream I heard something that frighten me so I look up at the sky and saw lot sparkle and it was fireworks and my cousin scream out loud and she ran to my uncle and hugging him so tight and she wouldn’t let go. So then I went to hug my aunt to give her some courageous so she won't get scared nah I was  just kidding I was the one who was scared
Image result for matariki light trail
What I liked about Matariki light trail was the fireworks because it was so colorful and bright.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Tamaki College

Today early in the morning year 9 from Tamaki College visit the year 8 we were so excited to see them come here again they were Tamai, Lisia, Gloria, Brodie - Jack, Wiet and Uili. They came here to give us some tip when next year if we go to Tamaki College. We gave them some question and they gave us some answer and it was really cool

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Term 2 Highlight

My highlight for this term is.......

My first highlight is Kiwi sport our sport was basketball we learn use our balance and we learn how shoot and pass. My favorite thing about basketball is shooting playing against with our class.

My second highlight is beep test I know that I don't like but the reason why I like because I try my best and beat my score and I lost weight.

My third highlight is tinkering tools and toy it how we had to create something and make our school a bit better so I created a group called Jakge pronounced as jack-jee so my planned to make a shoe rack because our shoes are always messy outside.

During the holidays my highlight is to celebrate me and my brothers birthday and write a blog about it and make more blog post.


           Ronald McDonald

“LISA CLEAN YOUR ROOM NOW” said mom from down stairs and planning with husband where should go to have dinner “Oh I know MCDONALD” said dad
“IT’S ALREADY CLEAN MANN” said Lisa. Lisa was really angry at her parents so Lisa went down stairs to have dinner she went in the dining room and sat down with her parent to have dinner and Lisa said “Mom, Dad why didn't you prepared our dinner”
“Honey we’re going to McDonald” said dad. “Which one are we going to, the rusty that was built in 1956 or the that was built last year” said Lisa

“Why say that honey” said mom Lisa said “Because the rusty one  is better” so mom said the they are going to the rusty . So Lisa took her baby brother in the car he sat on his car-seat so Lisa’s dad  drive the car all the way to McDonald and they saw Ronald McDonald the statue so they took pitcher with it and went inside the McDonald.

“Mom I want two mac attack and one french fries and a frozen coke” said Lisa “mom I want 2 cheeseburger and a regular coke” said Lisa little brother. So when Lisa family got her order she her food in 1 min and 20 second and her parent was talking to Lisa and they said “Lisa did you clean your room” and Lisa said “No” “DON’T TALK TO YOUR MOM LIKE” said dad in a mental way.

“RRRHHH” said Lisa when she walked out the door she saw some stone on the ground and she pick some up and throw them at Ronald McDonald and something creeping happen so she look and Ronald McDonald and she saw blood coming out of his eye
and moving his leg and his fingers. So Lisa saw 2 cops on the road and she ran to them and told them that Ronald was moving and she thinks that he was processed.

So the knew something fishing about him so they took him and put him somewhere far away so nobody would not be harm.

Pre-Writing a Narrative

Friday, 26 June 2015

Shoe Rack

This term in Zeal Zone our task was to make a so my group was called J.A.K.G.E  which is Jess, Alarzae, Kat, Gloria and Eric. So our second task to do is figure out what to create to make our school even amazing
so we decided to make a shoe rack which is going to be place outside of our classroom. The first thing to get started was to have a presentation to help us plan to make our shoe rack. Second of all we have to create our shoe when we Finnish I bet that everyone will love it and couldn't think of doing our shoe rack.

Monday, 8 June 2015

My Goals for Term 2

Currently my goal is to try to get up to the blue color. So to get there is to stop my friends from distracting me and make myself chat to much.


Our task was to solve perimeter  so this is my working out.
I hope you like and if you like please leave a feedback.

World War 1

This movie is about how World War One, In World War One a lot of men signed up to join in the War. They thought it was a sign up for a travel to see the amazing world and to see what’s out there. But it was actually a to fight in war.

So basically our movie is talking a 2 men (brothers) joined war and started fighting against the German as soon they back from the 2 men transform into 1 men so what I am trying to say is that the other man died in the war and the other survive.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Underground Soldiers

My reading group task was to figure out what are the quality of men who joined the NZ tunneling company so we can learn about the underground soldiers.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Anzac Biscuits

Our task for Zeal Zone was to make  ANZAC Biscuits was amazing because our teacher was Mrs Tele'a. Mrs Tele'a was giving us ingredients to mix and to pour in. Our other task to do was to figure out why is the cookie called Anzac biscuit. I hope you enjoy it please leave some feedback.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Future Aspirations

Today we heard from Marcus Winter as known as the sandman, Louis Gordon -  Latty and  Mr Patterson. Mr Patterson came to the year 7 and 8 common room with 2 visitor name Marcus Winter and Louis Gordon -  Latty. So Mr Patterson introduce after they introduce them self I was shock that they were so talented.

Image result for Louis Gordon - Latty glory leagueImage result for Marcus Winter as known as the sandmanWhat I found interesting was about Mr Patterson quote it said "The more you struggle the more your brain will grow" when everybody said it I actually struggle a lot on my work and I didn't see the different about my head it didn't seem to grow or stretch a lot.