Saturday, 18 July 2015

Birthday Suprise

During the holiday me and my brother was really sad because nobody in our family did not remember our birthday so my mum came up to me and said "baby girl your dad is going to drop you and your brother off at Silvia park and you can buy anything you want and don't forget your wallet it in the second living room"  but I had a feeling that something is going on so I said "what going on mom" and mum look at surprisingly and said "nothing dear".

So my dad drop me and Pj at Silvia park and dad dropped up us 50 dollars to watch terminators so Pj and I walked all the way to hoyts and saw few of my friends so I greet them to my brother went of to see the movie so I bought 2 tickets and bought a lot of food to eat during the movie. When I went inside the movie I sat down on my chair and look at the big screen for like 20 second then it scared me with loud trailer so my brother laugh at me.

When the movie finished I currently rushed to buy some clothes, shoe and stationary and my brother went to buy some clothes and shoe so we met at the car park to if my dad was coming so he showed and said "get in the car kids me and your mom got a surprise for you" so we went inside the car and I looked outside of my window while Pj talk about our day at Silvia park and I saw the sky and it was getting dark so we arrive to our sweet home and the light were off in our house so decided to open the slowly and went to the kitchen "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" my heart was pumping so loud and my hands were gathered together and I was really happy at my family that they would celebrate me and my brothers.

Then I look at the cake and it was big and yummy so I looked at my parent and I ran to them and hugged, when Pj and I finished blowing our candles we were really happy. So I opened a few present and save the other for the next day.

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