Friday, 22 August 2014

Life Education Trust

Last week class 3 went to a tour at the life Education caravan.The topic we were learning about
drug and alcohol the purpose of drugs can simply show as anything that one puts into their body that is healthy or water with oxygen and changes the how the works. The purpose of alcohol can slowly send the messages to your thinking so slowly that you talk slowly that think you drunk or your showing of.

As we walked inside a lady name Lynn introduce herself to me and my class she then told us to sit in row of three or four. When we were ready to listen she told us so many things about drug she then said “Drugs are not good for you because it can change everything in you body and mostly your heart and you brain”. As she was talking she showed us some movies about people taking drugs and how their lives started to change.

People, who use to choose drugs are a lot of ordinary every reason. Nobody never set to become a drug addict. Some may be looking for something to risky to do and have an expectation for taking drug or alcohol is a harmless way to get some kindness of mood change or body. Drug taking can be “dressed-up” to be like something that not and presented as joy or even smarter that something cool and popular like teenagers. Some may believe the drug are like medicine or some people just drug to be cool or drug are really harmless.

When Lynn finnish and ask us that time with then we got to see Harold and sang to us with a karaoke and we sang with him. What enjoy about it was to see Harold and class was learning about drug and alcohol and other that are bad.

The life Education session were extremely valuable because we get to learn about not to take bad stuff like drug and alcohol and choosing our own decision. Well what Lynn really change me how we can’t drink alcohol or drugs.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Volleyball Explanation


Hi my name is Gloria and I would like to demonstrate my sport called Volleyball.
There are 6 people in each side there are 2 team in opposite side is a, and a high net in the and 2 tall pole on the side hold the net. Volleyball was invented by William G. Morgan at 1947 more than 800 people played volleyball around the world.

A teacher at YMCA at Holyoke, Massachusetts at the United State of America he put together with tennis, baseball, basketball and handball. Volleyball is the popular sport in the world, at 1900 a ball was designed that was called a volleyball that a man who also invented volleyball. This is how William started he grab tennis net and put pole a side and attached it from 6 feet from the ground and the net was 39 feet long by 32 to inches so he created a ball and that how he made up volleyball and he study how the rule would be.


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Harold Life Education Trust

Class 3 went to the life caravan to learn about body and our health. So what we learn about was drugs and alcohol. A woman named Lynn taught us all about not to take drugs or alcohol .