Friday, 26 June 2015

Shoe Rack

This term in Zeal Zone our task was to make a so my group was called J.A.K.G.E  which is Jess, Alarzae, Kat, Gloria and Eric. So our second task to do is figure out what to create to make our school even amazing
so we decided to make a shoe rack which is going to be place outside of our classroom. The first thing to get started was to have a presentation to help us plan to make our shoe rack. Second of all we have to create our shoe when we Finnish I bet that everyone will love it and couldn't think of doing our shoe rack.

Monday, 8 June 2015

My Goals for Term 2

Currently my goal is to try to get up to the blue color. So to get there is to stop my friends from distracting me and make myself chat to much.


Our task was to solve perimeter  so this is my working out.
I hope you like and if you like please leave a feedback.

World War 1

This movie is about how World War One, In World War One a lot of men signed up to join in the War. They thought it was a sign up for a travel to see the amazing world and to see what’s out there. But it was actually a to fight in war.

So basically our movie is talking a 2 men (brothers) joined war and started fighting against the German as soon they back from the 2 men transform into 1 men so what I am trying to say is that the other man died in the war and the other survive.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Underground Soldiers

My reading group task was to figure out what are the quality of men who joined the NZ tunneling company so we can learn about the underground soldiers.