Tuesday, 16 October 2012

the story about jakecob

Once there was a boy called ames live in a country called malaysia and his country was flooded.When the rain started the flooded came up the people was frighten because a big storm
came.So that how the floods came on the street so Jame ask her kind mum to go outside to swim so her mum said yes so he went outside to have fun.

Later soon Jackson the bully was here he was swimming on the flooded too so Jackson said to do a belly flop and james said why so jackson said just do it or else i’ll smash you so he did it
and he started having a sore tummy.

So his mother saw his son that he was injured so Jackson ran away so James mother call the ambulance his mother was worried so the ambulance.So the Jackson was worried now he started to cry so the mother tried to find Jackson.

So Jackson tried to find James mother so the mother found Jackson and brought him to the hospital he said he was sorry and James accept his apology so his mother was happy and she said would you come for dinner and he said yes so Jame was really happy.

The story about Josh

This narrative is about a boy named Josh. He lives in America, and his country had flooded. When it rains the flood rises. It is threatening. Josh was so naughty, he sneaked outside without his mum knowing.

While his nana was moving furniture to higher ground, with his mother. Josh had thought of making a bet for him to jump into the flood, to see if he could touch the bottom. So he went and made his bet.

With a huge SPLASH!!!!! He had disappeared. “Josh.....  Josh”. Shouted his mother. “ Oh Josh where are you”. She kept shouting. Josh’s friends were starting to get worried. “ He’s been down there for quite a while”. Jason exclaimed. “ I’m going down to get him”. Jason said.

By then Josh had hit his head on a building and had sunk. Jason was just in time to catch him before he hit the rock. Josh was sent to Hospital with his Mum. In the end Josh had a serious head injury.

He was lucky to have had his mother there to help him. Poor old Josh. Jason is a hero.