Thursday, 30 May 2013


When I write paragraphs I am learning to write some complex sentences which have more detail.

Predator, predator are like are killing machine that kill in Antarctica like penguin,seal and birds. Did you know that killer Whales and Leopard seal are predator?

Well sometime killer Whale try play with it food like seals,they make wave to make the seal come of the and the seal try to come of the iceberg.

What 2 thing that seal can survive in? Well it has alot of thick blubber and has a breathing hole to breath air.Leopard seal eat penguin and krill but  Whale likes krill too. Animals that stay over winter just like weddell seal.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Antarctica penguin

 WALT - add detail to sentences

Penguins are birds live in the southern oceans, but they do not live in the north.
Penguin can not fly, they have short legs and they ashore.

In winter the sun does not rise. There is an icy gale, suddenly coming this the temp drop in a freezing day.

In antarctica there are many penguins can not survive by living on the pack ice in winter. Male emperor stand on the pack ice for the winter.

Penguin has thick layer of fat blubber, it helps them to keep warm,under their skin.

Emperor penguin are fluffy and the top  feather overlap and, it can make thick  waterproof coat.

Thursday, 9 May 2013


WALT - We are learning to summarise the main point of a paragraph

Seals are mammals that live in the oceans all over the world. All of the seals at the Antarctica are non-eared seal. These seals have lots of blubber to keep them warm.

Seals have thick short hair on their strained line body, to keep them warm.
They have flippers to help them be suburb swimmers. Most of the time, seals are in the sea.

All seal in Antarctica are fast and graceful swimmers and they call themself very clumsy on the land. Female seal lay on their pup or give burp to their pup.

Crabeater seal are most common on Minke whale. There are 30 million Crabeater seal in Antarctica and eat krill in stead of crabs.

Leopard seal hunt penguin very fast underwater. Penguin are not afraid of the Leopard seal when it on the ice because they can not move on top of it.

Weddell Seal stay in the water for the whole winter. The other seals find a warmer place to be.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

My Graph

What we learnt this afternoon that in Antarctica Ocean it gets warmer and pretty deeper it go. I found out that on the bottom of Antarctica there is coral living and growing there.