Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Doing something for the first time

When I 11 year old my dad use to tell me stories about him singing in church and always tell my dad if I can sing in church and he said no because he said that I can't sing but I said I can sing. So I went to my room and turn on the TV and insert the USB in the TV and turn on the karaoke and I sang "AVE MARIA" by Beyonce.

Suddenly my dad sneak into my room and grab his guitar and turn off the TV and start to strum he was playing I'm yours and he start sing and I sang with him and he said "you are going to sing in church''

'YES" I said to my self. On Sunday I was really nervous, I quickly put on my makeup and go to church I saw my family and they smiled to me and I smiled back. I picked up the microphone and my dad help sing and felt really nervous I sang my loudest and everyone stood up and clap and I cry.

How I felt from all that singing joy and happiness.

Monday, 21 September 2015

How to design a personal logo?

This video will show you how to design a logo. A logo is a symbol or other a small design of a graphic. This movie tell you step by step of creating your own logo. So I hope you enjoy my movie and leave some feedback.

Friday, 18 September 2015


How to design a logo?

Do you want to know how to design your own logo? Well maybe today would be a good day to start creating your own logo.

To design a logo grab a piece of paper and a pencil and start brainstorming. After coming up with 4 or 5 ideas start drawing your 4 to 5 concept thumbnail a thumbnail concept is drawing your ideas the size of your thumb..

After finishing on 4 - 5 concept thumbnail start going on a computer and draw a bigger size of you final two drawing.

Next you print out your logo out in a png image then go around and ask people who are around you and tell them what things needs to be change or tell them if your logo will impress people.

A logo is something that present yourself how it’s presented is your favorite thing and joining your favorite things in one pitcher. It can be use for your club, your shop, your car or your shoe.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Cross Country

Last week on Monday it was our cross country running, I was really nervous when it was the year 8 boys turn to run. So I assume to myself that should I look at them run so they can give me tips CLAP as I heard Mr burt clap the thingy ma jig I saw them running and some the boy when they were running they had flat chest shoulders back and their arms were in a 90 degrees angles so I used those tips to run.

I felt weak because it was the year 8 girls turn to run. So the girl walked up the line and I was dancing to warm up and my toes was crushing the squishy dirt between my toe and I talked to myself ‘’ I can do this I believe in me’’

CLAP” I saw everyone sprinting their hardest and even me I sprint my hardest and I looked at the girl in front of me I saw mud coming of their feet and I heard cheering from the year 6 section.
After doing my 1 lap I stopped because I was really tired I placed my hand on chest and felt bumping I felt all my breath escaping out of my mouth so II saw Ramonadel at the back of me saying “go Gloria you can do this don’t stop”

Then I saw catching up to me so I told her that should we run together and she said yes, I saw slippery mud and i slipped and did the mudslide on my knee and heard laughter coming from a teacher voice and it was Miss Peoto.

She was cheering and laughing at us so jogged the whole way and laugh the whole because I slipped. and me and Ramona del came last as we past the finish line I saw everyone looking at us and one of them laugh but it was alright. After all that running I went to the bathroom and saw my face sweating and it was really red and that tells me that I tried my best at running.

Lastly I had a big drink bottle in my bag and drink a lot and saw everyone in class getting ready for home. “Hi Gloria you did great in running” said Miss Peoto

“Thank you Miss Peoto” said I. So what I experience from all that running was It can be really hard at running for 3 km and I tried my best at not to come last.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Cyber Smart - Mobile Phone

Yesterday in the morning we had a visitor from tamaki primary and it is Miss Kyla
she taught us about being cyber smart with or mobile phone.
So here are some tip for how to be cyber smart with your cyber smart.

Friday, 4 September 2015

What I have learnt in class?

For  Writing we had a visitor who worked a Tamaki Primary her name is Miss Kyla she taught us a lot of things about being a Smart footprint and what does Smart footprint means online. So Miss Kyla taught us about google and what I learned from google is we can search for anything on google. So Miss Kyla said google is dum and the reason why it dum because when you search for for information that you want doesn't give you the right information at all. To get more information is to be more specific with your words and more positive so I try to to find information where can I get ticket to go to the movie to watch ant man in Silvia park and once I press enter on my keyboard it didn't give me more advice where I can get my ticket in Silvia Park. So Miss Kyla shared a presentation to search for information efficiently using key words.

For Maths Mr Wiseman taught how to use ratio so what I learned about ratio was ratio can be use in word problem and pitcher. So Mr Wiseman shared a presentation about ratio it was pretty easy so he taught us how to solve it. So what I like about ratio is that it not that hard and it was pretty easy.

For Inquiry room 1 did this countdown challenge so it pretty much talks about going online and go on countdown shopping and list of groceries item to meet the needs of 4 people in on family within that budget . So partner which is Korobeau and Isaiah and we pretty mush work as a good team.