Monday, 14 September 2015

Cross Country

Last week on Monday it was our cross country running, I was really nervous when it was the year 8 boys turn to run. So I assume to myself that should I look at them run so they can give me tips CLAP as I heard Mr burt clap the thingy ma jig I saw them running and some the boy when they were running they had flat chest shoulders back and their arms were in a 90 degrees angles so I used those tips to run.

I felt weak because it was the year 8 girls turn to run. So the girl walked up the line and I was dancing to warm up and my toes was crushing the squishy dirt between my toe and I talked to myself ‘’ I can do this I believe in me’’

CLAP” I saw everyone sprinting their hardest and even me I sprint my hardest and I looked at the girl in front of me I saw mud coming of their feet and I heard cheering from the year 6 section.
After doing my 1 lap I stopped because I was really tired I placed my hand on chest and felt bumping I felt all my breath escaping out of my mouth so II saw Ramonadel at the back of me saying “go Gloria you can do this don’t stop”

Then I saw catching up to me so I told her that should we run together and she said yes, I saw slippery mud and i slipped and did the mudslide on my knee and heard laughter coming from a teacher voice and it was Miss Peoto.

She was cheering and laughing at us so jogged the whole way and laugh the whole because I slipped. and me and Ramona del came last as we past the finish line I saw everyone looking at us and one of them laugh but it was alright. After all that running I went to the bathroom and saw my face sweating and it was really red and that tells me that I tried my best at running.

Lastly I had a big drink bottle in my bag and drink a lot and saw everyone in class getting ready for home. “Hi Gloria you did great in running” said Miss Peoto

“Thank you Miss Peoto” said I. So what I experience from all that running was It can be really hard at running for 3 km and I tried my best at not to come last.

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