Monday, 27 July 2015


How I receive and spend money?

I barely receive money on my birthday and Christmas. What I usually do with my money is give half to my dad so he can buy his lunch for work and the other half I will save it and wait for Christmas to come. There are many ways to receive money like for example you can get from work, doing chores, getting it from special occasion.

When people get money some people usually spend it, share it or save but for me I save until I get to 100 dollars sometimes I always spend it on a new update my phone or tablet. Once people receive money they spend it but it will be alright if they are good needed stuff like food for family or making right choice on what to buy or using your wisely one what your buying and buy stuff that on special.

So how I receive money is doing my mom chores while she looks after my baby sister and I usually get 20 dollars on each chores and I receive 200 dollars every Christmas from my uncle he is very rich down in wellington so that pretty much how I receive money.
What I like about how I receive money or spend is good cause sometime I save my money for my future or get a new update for my phone.

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