Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Matariki Light Trail

In the Holiday I went to my cousin house at night to go see the concert to see the Matariki light trail. So I saw them going outside to go to Matariki so knee down and begged if I I can go so I went walking with my brother, cousin, my aunt and uncle, when we were walking to the park I heard some lots of noises there and colorful light shining on my face.

But when we were at the park I saw heaps of light shining everywhere and I said … WOZES. Then I saw Adriel and she came with me walking around the light and it was so cool.

Suddenly me and my brother was on the swing, AHHH!! I scream I heard something that frighten me so I look up at the sky and saw lot sparkle and it was fireworks and my cousin scream out loud and she ran to my uncle and hugging him so tight and she wouldn’t let go. So then I went to hug my aunt to give her some courageous so she won't get scared nah I was  just kidding I was the one who was scared
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What I liked about Matariki light trail was the fireworks because it was so colorful and bright.

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