Thursday, 26 November 2015


As the year 8 girls and I was walking to our session of sport and it was sprinting one of my least favorite thing to do. So we were told by Mr Burt to go in 6 row of 4
so it can be even to race with so some of the girls in front of me was ready to go I saw them stretching and their toes was squeezing the dirt from the bottom of their feet .

So Mr Burt was ready to clap the two blocks together “IN YOUR MARKS GET SET GO!!”

The girls ran as fast as they ran 100 meters away from us. Next it was our line I was really nervous I had butterfly in my stomach so Mr burt was ready to clap the block I was really nervous “Go’’ shouted Mr Burt I ran as fast as I can and nearly everyone ran in front of me except for Hannah me and Hannah was running together and we came last I was really proud of myself because made the most of it.

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