Thursday, 5 November 2015

Amazing race

        The Amazing

Yesterday after morning tea team 5 had this fun time session which is called Amazing race but it wasn't actually a race the teacher planned this for us just to let team 5 have fun. So our teachers put us in groups and I’m in Team 1 B 2. All the groups was given a card which had our group name on it, It had a list of activities and groups name and  the activities was peas, fear factor, photo booth and cookie face.

First we went to fear factor which is in the the breeze so my group and I entered the breeze and walked and saw three desk set up with three bowls, and the three bowls had something disgusting in it. So we sat down in a line and listen to Miss Peoto instructions, then she said “first row in line go” I saw Ebony walking towards the desk with the spaghetti mixed with fruit salad and she was the first one to go and eat spaghetti mixed with fruit salad we had to eat 3 spoons of spaghetti mixed with fruit salad so Miss Peoto said go and Ebony grab the spoon off the table and ate three spoons of the disgusting food  and finish and the next person has to go and it was Leila, so we cheered for her and forced her to hurry. I saw Ebony face and she didn’t look well and she hasn't swallowed her food her eye was watery and swallowed her slowly and went of to the toilet.

When everyone else had their I was really nervous of eating spaghetti mixed with fruit salad because it might taste yuck so I looked in the bowl and saw a lot of spaghetti and fruit so I put the spoon in my mouth and it taste sweet and yucky and felt a bit sick so I finished the race and moved to the next activity which it was brain buster.

So as we enter our classroom door and saw Miss Foamatu sitting on a chair with papers on her hand I was really nervous cause we might not get the answer right so we were given 5 peice of paper and had some question on it. When we sat down on our chair we looked the question one was easy but the rest was hard we try to figure out what the answer is but we keep getting them wrong, then it was time up it was pretty tough so we gave our card to Miss Foamatu and she gave use 50 point for working as a team.

Next we went to photo booth we sat down in the street and saw Miss Telea sitting down on the bench and the bench had 3 Ipad and the rest of the bench was some silly costume. So we had 4 choices of costume it was the tutus, boxing, silly hats, and random clothes so we chose the tutus. After dressing up with silly clothes our pose was a smile, a serious face, Funny face and a creative photo. After doing all those pose we were given 50 points for doing funny poses.

Lastly is was cookie face which is at the tux shop and the goal was to place the cookie on your forehead and try to get the cookie in your mouth, so I tryed but it didn’t work.

My favorite one was photobooth and my least is fear factor, because fear factor was not cool but photo booth was.

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