Thursday, 15 October 2015

Immersion Assembly

It was the first day of term 4 and we had immersion assembly today it was really great and awesome. We had our immersion assemble in the hall so people can have more space around them to fit in and see on what we are learning this term. I felt really excited when I walked and I felt like to jump and down but our goal for team 5 was to be normal, so when I walked in the hall I saw a lot of kids with a smile on their and I bet that they were really excited to their teacher tell them what they learning about. When I sat down I looked up and saw the word “Survivors” and I assume to myself that we are going to learn about survival so Mr Burt who is our principle stated talking about survivor and I was right that we are going to learn about survivors.  When he finished talking he made and movie about a Fiapoto bird in Pt Dingaling that movie was pretty funny.

Then it was team 1 turn to show on what they are learning about so Miss George stood and walked to the front and talked about team 1 are going to the zoo and there was this competition it was a karaoke and 15 kids showed up on the stage and sang roar it pretty cool and funny because the big screen showed little toddler mucking around with the animals behind the glass.
Next up it was team 2 and Miss Nalder turned up and told us that team 2 are learning about dinosaurs. After that it was team 3 they a learning about dinosaur too but different they are creating  their own dinosaurs.

Next up it was team 4 I was so excited for team 5 to come to go next and see what we are learning about too that compare to our topic survivors so team 4 was up next and they are learning about animals survivor their topic was really it like they were going on a trip for a safari. Finally it was team and we are learning about islanders and I think it was pretty cool on what we are learning about.

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