Monday, 24 March 2014

Malaysia Airplanes

Paragraph 1:Most important point
Malaysia airplanes vanished out of the sky and the boeing 777 carried 239 people and their body had not been found in 28 days and same as the plane. On Saturday a less than an hours they blast off from Kuala Lumpur and bound off to Beijing. They can’t find the plane they tried to hunt for the 239 people and 2 kids so they can figure out how the plane vanish.

Paragraph 2: Next most important point
At this flight the acumen for the vanishment is untold. The weather was good but the plane was traveling really fast but plane driver didn’t cast a shame remarkable.
The plane and the 239 people is people want to know happen to find some clues.  

Paragraph 3: Next most important point
The 2 New Zealanders were on board they were the pilots of the plane. The plane had 7 hours gas. But it took them 2 hours to get there so it was right condition to get but they didn’t come back from Kuala Lumpur.

Paragraph 4: Least important point
The plane crashed to the south sea of china.

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