Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Pt England Way

`The Pt England Way is the way we act on an everyday basis in our school. It helps the students at Pt England school learn what to do independently. The students at Pt England  don’t just walk past the teacher they  say “Hi Miss or Mr” and the teacher will reply “hello dear or sweetie”. When new kid comes to Pt England old students show them the Pt England way by respecting each other and being kind and co-operating.

Our topic for last year was better together kia pai te kotahi and this year’s topic is Tiaki taonga , Tiaki Taonga means the act of caring in Maori and caring mean bountiful, loving. Co-operate is one of the korero Co-operate mean to be friends and respect to other and getting stable so pupils can work as a team.

Some people from different kind countries come to see what and how do we learn and respect other and even ask the student some question. Well see about Pt England is a great for learning and doing the right thing. When the bell ring we go outside to play some people play the right way for example this is one of Mr Burt korero “Play the Right Way” and this one to “It a Tap not a Kick” because if you kick somewhere near to the classroom the might crash into the window that why we do a tap.

The Pt England Way

Champions never give up,
Go around the outside,
Play the right way,
Walk in line,
Wear it with pride,

Take Charge,

It a tap not a kick,
Purua to potae,
Is it kind?,
Use your W.I.T.S,
Be kind to visitor,
Stop think and do,
Think ahead
Chuck it in the right bin

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