Friday, 28 March 2014

Biography / Nelson Mandela

                                                          Paragraph 1:
Mandela was raised in South Africa he was born in July the 18 of 1918, during University of Witwatersrand in 1942. He became more involved with the African National Congress (ANC), a open Nationalist change trying to bring close upon.

                                                          Paragraph 2:

Nelson Mandela, why is Nelson Mandela famous it because that he is the first president of south Africa he was educated at University at Witwatersrand.He was involved in the
(ANC) which don't know what it is. Lot of white people came to South Africa to see how they learn but they were learning about music and history like way back in the old days but they are not learning about maths or reading and writing and the white people don't like it. So the white people decided to lock them up  or killed them and they killed some people and rest are locked up.

                                                          Paragraph 3:
Nelson Mandela dad died in 1930 and his mother sadly in 1968 when Mandela was locked up by the white people from American. Sadly last year on 2013 Nelson died left their child to grow up and control their life without their father.

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