Thursday, 13 March 2014

Empathy Explanation

The meaning of “Empathy” is to share other peoples feeling or understanding what “Love” means, and what does “Empathy” means to me is sharing feeling to each other that what “Empathy” means to me.  

What can people do to show “Empathy”?
How people show “Empathy” is to show bountiful that means love and Tiaki Taonga. How we show caring is hugging and care for other, love one another. “Bountiful”, bountiful mean the same thing as love or care. How to make friends with other for example once you go and find a good friend, then you tell them your, to ask them if they can let you play, three well third you're already friends with them and that how we show “Empathy”.

Why is it important that people show “Empathy”?
It’s important that people need to show Empathy because Empathy is a great thing. I know that showing Empathy is not that easy but showing Empathy is not a bad thing it a good way to share with other people. So showing Empathy is very important in Pt England school because that the way the people in Pt England school do by using the words call Empathy.  
How do people show each other “Empathy”?
How people show empathy to each other is going to the playground. The playground is for people that playing with there
friends. How to show each others empathy  is to put yourself in their shoes that is one of Mr Burt korero. Home room. The classroom is a really good place to learn in, because quiet and sometimes noisy because have to follow the zone that is one of the rules in class 3.

If you want to be. Empathy is a good thing to do, to each others and if you want to care to other well love one another I learned that word from my parent well never that, but love one another. Love one another means to care or bountiful to others.

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