Sunday, 6 April 2014

Why's the Moon upside down

After reading the text and the diagrams, what does the information tell us?
Niko and Anne was close like they are friends. Niko email Anne from Japan he use to lived in New Zealand. Niko email about something becoming weird he email about moon, the moon was upside down but  because the it in the wrong place and Rona and the tree is upside down. The Moon look fine but at Japan was different.
Text - What does the text tell us?  Summarise
Rona’s Legend

Long long time ago since we weren’t born yet there was mother and father that to get some food from afar. Once the mother woke up and her children were really thirsty so Rona went to get some water by the river and Marama the moon, the moon lead her to the river by her light then there was no light appear from the sky and she slipped on some rock then she started murmuring about Marama.  Suddenly the moon got really angry because of Rona, then Maramas light shine upon her and grabbed her and Rona grabbed the branch from the tree and sadly the top to the roots of the tree came of and now theres a mark on the moon and that was Rona.

What do the diagrams tell us?

Why is the moon upside down and the reason why is there is another moon up top and Nicos up top because he’s in Japan and Anne’s at the bottom and New Zealand at the bottom and this is how I show my diagram is to get a global and draw a half line onto it and the top one is the upside down one and New Zealand got the right one.

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