Sunday, 6 April 2014

Information Report

1. Introduction
My animal is about Green Turtle the reason why because my family works to look after it and give them medicine and take care of their baby. Green Turtles are the national animals for my family, in the pacific ocean there are like tons of Turtles out there to swim in the deep sea and they are really precious and Beautiful why they have a shell so it can protect them from predator and the have fin to help them swim faster.
2. Body of the report
Green Turtles has over skeleton. Skeleton, skeleton holds the hard shell and it protect itself from predictor. Green Turtles has two fin in the front and two fin at the back it helps them to swim fast and helps them to dig holes to put their eggs in it and cover it with sand. Green Turtles has a small head and has a really good pattern on their shell.

3. Repeat the same steps as 2
In Samoa there  lot of rules about Turtles. The shells of the Turtles is really hard sometimes Turtles can get kamal flush to a rock. When turtles are not in the sea they are really really slow to walk but swimming is faster for them to swim or walk.
4. Repeat the same steps as 2
There are two types of Green Turtles there are, Atlantic Turtles and Eastern Pacific green turtle. 80 countries around the world their are a lot of Green Turtles on their beach. Guess what, did you know that Turtle can live for 100 years and they can over 150 year old my grandpa had a little Turtle when he was born and his Turtle in 71 year old.
5. A concluding paragraph
Did you know that there all kinds of Turtles like Totus, Hawksbill, Loggerhead, Olive Ridley, common snappers and especially my favourite Turtle is Galapagos giant tortoise. All kinds of Turtles can live for 100 year and some of them survive for 200 years.

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