Monday, 14 April 2014

Show and not Tell - Fiafia

Before Fiafia

I was Hungry.
My tummy was making some funny noises, there was a lot of food.

Prior to fia fia I was feeling nervous.
I was really struggling and my heart was struggling by beating I was sweating hard out my hand wouldn't stop shaking.

This week was Fiafia a cultural festival that was part of our community and reaching our level for success.
I always dream to be part of the Fia fia for our community over and over again. My life always want to reach up my levels for my culture.

After Fiafia

I love the dress.
I was really proud of our dresses it was beautiful and the roses on our dresses was bright red.

Existing for performing.
I keep practising my dance at I wouldn’t stop dreaming of me performing for Fia fia

Watching people dance.
It was greatful of the people dancing for their culture and my eye wouldn’t stop looking at them dance.

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