Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Hare and the Tortoise

Hi my name is slow “Bob’’ and I love to chew grass and I love to be Tortoise because I love my shell and love to “hibernate” that mean I can sleep the whole winter and I think that “Metro” is horrible to me he is a terrible creature.

One day a fox came out of the bush and frighten slow Bob  “AAHH!! Hahahah fox laughed “you scared me fox” I have question for you said slow Bob why is metro stoking me? I don’t know.

Once I saw metro and ask me your legs look like brussel sprout  and name and I wasn’t impressed and he ask one more thing he just want race around the field and I said “yup let do it today and now.

When we were starting to metro was right in front of me and one he saw fox selling some lemonade and gave a lemonade to metro and he fell asleep and and I was in front of him so he woke and saw nearly to the finish lined and guess who won? it was me.

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