Monday, 19 August 2013

Be Nice

In the weekend once my cousin was new at school he told that someone was bullying him his name was Dwyane he told when he first started school he didn’t know any of the other children.
Dwyane hope he could make friend with the children. But the first day, during center time, Lena pinched him.
“Get out of my way” she said.

At snack time Dwyane was looking for a friendly face. “look like you have more than I do” said Randi.Dwyane blinked back his tears, but he didn’t say anything. “He has funny hair” whispered Male to Lena but he didn’t say anything.

No one played with Dwyane all morning. He was lonely, he didn’t say anything. At recess, none of the children picked Dwyane to be on there team. “Go away, Dwyane,” said ramone Don't you know when your not wanted? we don't want to play with you. But this time he siad something "STOP BEING MEAN TO ME" Dwyane yelled  "IT NOT NICE"! I maybe a new kid, but I'm just the same as you.

And the other children felt bad how they treated Dwyane, because they knew he was right. They knew they wouldn’t like it if someone acted towards the way they acted to Dwyane.
They stopped being to him, and including him in their game. They got to know him, and they liked him and always wanted to play with him. That when they understood that they were all different, but they could still be friends, and they said “sorry for being mean to you.

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