Friday, 25 October 2013


One day there was a girl name Manike and she saw a little boy but he was really naughty but Manike didn’t know he was naughty. “Hello” said Manike “my name is Manike and you are”?  she said “I’m James” said James “can I touch your hair” he said.

Suddenly James touch Manike curly black hair and he pulled her hair so hard “OUCH” she cried and James started to laughed loud. Then Manike through a stone on his head and then she laughed loud then went and cried and went to his big sister one was 15 year old and another one was 17 year old but Manike didn't know James had to BIG sister. "What happend to your forehead" said Molly “there was a girl name Manike and she through a stone on my forehead.

James sister was angry there face were turning red and they saw a bruce on his forehead “KATE GET SOME ICE PACK FOR JAMES” shouted Holy. Then Kate went and grab ice pack and she was so angry that she can melt the ice pack.

“Where is she James”? “well she all the way down the road and she live next to that park “well it seem like we going to get her tomorrow because it passed your bedtime”she said  when they into  went to bed but except for Kate and Holly. When it was morning Kate and Molly went walking down the road looking for Manike. Manike felt so sorry for James what she did then she played at the park next to her house and she saw two girls angry “what your name”? said the James sister, “uhhm I’m Manike” she said quietly she feeling a bit scared “why did you through a stone at James him well I gotta… RUN!” she said terrified and ran up and said “I’m about brother do anything I’ll make because my mum it a doctor and taught me a few thing to make it feel better” and she did and the sister were happy.

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