Monday, 21 October 2013

Farming Fish

This Richard and he come from a village called Togori on a island in Makira from Solomon. Every day people from the village goes fishing if the weather is fine and when the sea is calm. The people that goes fishing paddle along on there canoes to go fishing, if the sea is wavy they often not to go fishing. There village don't buy food or sell, we collect some food and give some to our families.

Isaiah is his uncle he is the bigman. One day he went fishing, he had an idea to let the from our country.
His way was to make a pond for the fish to swim and to live in, using the water from the sea around our village. Then we can get whenever we are hungry. People think it wacky. When his uncle Isaiah found amazing idea from the magazine all about farming fish. The magazine told all about the pool need to be flowing to keep it nice and fresh. So his uncle agree to make water for the pond. he found some pipe for the water to come through it.

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