Thursday, 27 December 2012

The boy born in a peach

One day,the old woman went to the river to wash her clothes. There she saw a giant peach floating on the water. She decided to give it to her husband as a gift.

When the old couple splitopen the peach, they were shoked inside was a beautiful boy!

The husband and the wife immediately decidedthey would raise the boy as there son. They named him James. The boy grewup in to a strong and intelligent
young rodent.

One day,James decided to prove his worth.He left to challange the terrible monster on the legendary island on Onigashima.On his journey, James met a dog ,a monkey, and a pheasant.

H was so generous to the tree animals that they decided to help him on his mission. Thanks to his friends, James defeated the terrible inhabbits of the island and took their treasure.

The four friends returned to James villege, where the old couple greeted them joyously.


  1. Well done on your first holiday blog post Gloria!
    Did you enjoy this story?
    What have you been doing for your Christmas holidays?
    I look forward to reading your next story!

  2. Hi Gloria, I have really enjoyed reading this post while I am on holiday. Keep posting because you have a lot of people reading what you have to share :)

    Mrs Burt