Monday, 24 November 2014


I woke up excitedly knowing today was the day of the film festival, I rushed to the kitchen and ate all my weet-bix in less than one minutes. I then realised I had forgotten to get my gold coin, I consider to myself that this day would be the day to display our movie. I opened my front door and my brother rushed outside and started walked to school.

Our class was attended to go to the cinemas to watch the Manaiakalani cluster movies to support for what they have being doing. I gripped on the elevator and I assumed that I have butterflies in my stomach. When we arrived at the movie I felt that the butterfly flow out of my stomach. Suddenly Anisha gripped to my and gave me fright “Anisha why are you holding my hand” I said  “because I’m afraid of the dark” said Anisha in a frightened way. Subsequently I was pondering at who I would sit next to during the movie, I choose to sit with Anisha and Ramona Del  my two best friends. When I get to sit next to my friend I got a fright from a girl name Paulita that appeared out of no where on the screen. I contened that our film would be first. So it did came up first when Manaiakalani cluster finish all their movie we back to school.

When we go to our class Miss Clark told us to start commenting on people film festival movie. “Class 3 what was your favorite movie?” so I put my hands nice and high  and said “ Bowl cut”  “why is it you favorite movie” said Miss Clark “ cause it so funny and it put a smile on my face” said I.

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