Thursday, 25 September 2014


I am strongly for a uniform at Pt England School! Because it shows people that our school is ‘striving to succeed’ in many ways by being a modest person and showing the little ones the way of being kind. The second reason we should have uniforms at this marvelous school because it shows how clean and healthy we are. What reasons do we wear our school uniform? Well whenever we attend for a trip we might lose one of our student, if they are in mufti then they might be a lot of people in mufti too, so that one reason that we wear our uniforms.

At Pt England School when people see us wearing our school uniform, they say that we look really smart in our uniform . Wearing uniforms to school it is a great chance to look smart and healthy it makes you look tidy not messy. When visitor comes to visit our school our ambassadors need to look really nice and smart , ambassadors take each group to different classes to see how we work and some even report on how our school uniform makes us look smart wearing our uniform and nice .

Wearing school uniforms help to support the people in our community, they could even ask us a question like do we know were the reserve is or shops and we could be very helpful to others and if we could get something in return

At our school there will be no judgements on our uniforms because we all are wearing the same uniform at our school. Some people at our school wear their uniforms the wrong way for example some student wears their jacket on their waste, a korero that Mr burt taught us called is ‘Wear it with pride’ so that just means to wear your uniform with care and not to wear your uniform the wrong way.

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