Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Expirience Straw Oboe

Name:Janice and Gloria

Title of experiment: Straw oboe experiment

(What do we want to find out?)
How does the straw change if you cut it smaller and smaller if it makes a higher pitched sound or, if it stays quite.
We want how it made that silly noise.
We want to know why do we have to cut it into a point.

Hypothesis:  (what do you think will happen?)
It will sound like a trumpet.
It will sound like someone farted.
It will be strang.
Sound wave will come out.
The straw will vibrate then the sound will come out through the

How will we find out?
(Step by step)

1. Get a straw

2. Flatten the top of the straw with your fingers

3. When you have flattened it then you cut it into to a point

4. Turn it

5. Then blow where the point is.

What actually happened?
When you blow it make a funny sound. Suddenly when you cut it smaller and smaller it has more of a higher pitched sound.

What did we learn?
We learnt when you blow into the straw it makes a funny annoying  

1. What is producing the sound?
The thing that happens is that the sound makes the phenomenal
2. What pitch did we get when all holes were closed, compared to when the holes were
It makes a high pitch and when it was open it makes a low pitch.
3. What does opening or closing a hole in the straw really mean in terms of vibrating an
air column?
The straw

4. Repeat step 2 with another straw. (DO NOT CUT HOLES IN THIS STRAW)
5. Take the pair of scissors and cut small pieces off the end of the straw while blowing as
shown in the diagram below. Repeat while cutting off more of the straw.
What happens to the pitch as you cut off pieces of the straw? It sound like a low or high pitch. Why? Because photo (2).JPG

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