Monday, 26 May 2014

Echolocation Explanation

Some Animal has very bad site that why they use echolocation.  They use their ears instead of their eyes and that a unique process.

The echolocation starts from a vocal chord of an Bat or Whales and Dolphin from undersea, echolocation is something you can’t see. Bat uses echolocation  because they are poorly blind . They have strange things in their world, they are nocturnal that mean they sleep in day time and they're awake in night times or they are most woken at night,  and their heads are smaller than their ears like rats.

Echolocation let the Bat hunt at night because they can’t  see very well. Echolocation use different ways to avoid Animals vocal cords to vibrate and Bat has a really specials noise in their way because they can’t see very well.

How do Bats hunt?
Well Bats uses their special noise to find their way to food. Example: Bat can not see well. If they are near to wall then the Bat would be shout and it sound wave hits the wall and the will hit it back and the sound wave come back to bat and it can hear and would find it way to get out.

Echolocation let bats hunt at night be because they can’t see. The vibration let Bats vocal chords to lead them to their food  and echolocation let them hunt at night.

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