Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Writing Test

When Laura was playing with her ipod she felt like that is looking at her “ Hey that my ipod” said Sammy “no that my ipod mum paid heaps of money for that” said Laura and sam ran away with the ipod.“MUM!!” she shouted in her room “SAMMY TOOKED MY IPOD” she shouted “SAMMY COME HERE IMMEDIATELY!!” she said in an angry way then he came down the stairs “give back Laura ipod now” said mum.

Then he went up stairs “here, crybaby” he said in a moody way and said “thank you” and she went back and played on her ipod. Suddenly she heard a whisper “umm who’s there” she cried
I’m going to get you” said someone and she felt so scared.

I’m going to get you” said a mysterious noise “umm who are you“ she said “I’m a ghost” said the ghost. “AHHHHHH!!” she screamed out “daaaad there there ghost in my room please” she cried “there no ghost in this house” said dad and Laura's dad went up stairs and said “hello”
and no one answer him see there no ghost. Then she went up stairs and looked scared and she opened her room and she saw the ghost wandering around  her room “AHHHH!!” she screamed
“im telling you dad there is a ghost in my room and he went up stairs again and see no ghost.

“That it” she said in a brave way and stand straight and took a breath and went up stair saw the “hey mister” she said “get out of my room now” she said when she was angry and hold the ghost chuck it out of room and she saw a shoe under the ghost took an sheet “it was you” she said.
‘umm gotta go” said Sammy “I’m telling you Sammy” she said “Okay please don’t“ he said begging her sister don’t on him “first say sorry and you have hmmm” she said and she was thinking “ah ha you have to clean up my bathroom.

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