Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Kelly Talton's

Me and my class went to a trip called Kelly Tarlton's I was so excited
so my mum and my uncle were with my was with my brother class so my uncle came my group.

At Kelly Tarltons the first thing we saw was some penguins called gen-too and king penguins suddenly I saw a lady a pipe with snow in it.
But then I was counting are there but there were 80 and that was a lot.

Then I told my uncle can all took a pitcher in the middle of the ice so we did and it was excellent.
But we went to a room with the in there and she showing some presentation and was cool.
Suddenly the lady show some clothes to go the Antarctica but Elizabeth and Junior were wearing it then we had morning tea.

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  1. I can tell you had a wonderful learning experience Gloria. Sometimes I got a little confused as I read this, but I got the main ideas.

    Keep sharing the cool things you are learning.

    Mrs Burt